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The Cheesy vs. Corny Debate

Cheesy = kitschy; uber faux to be enjoyed ironically, nostalgic – in a good way

Corny  = out of place, outdated, nostalgic –but not in a good way

Feather Accessories = Corny

When I was coming up, the feathers were on ROACH CLIPS and everyone wore them in their hair.  I had no idea what the actual use of the clips was at that time, and I’m glad my mom did not allow me to wear them back then.  Every time I see a young’un wear a feather I chuckle to myself a little and flashback to when I begged my mom to wear roach clip feathers to a roller skating party.  Ah, if only life’s dilemma’s were that simple.

Yacht Rock = Cheesy

Big Earrings = Cheesy

jean overalls = Corny

TV show theme songs/old product jingles = Cheesy

Planking = Corny

TV Land = Cheesy

‘Cosby Sweaters’ = Dare I say BOTH?

What do you find cheesy or corny?  Please leave a comment.


One response to “The Cheesy vs. Corny Debate

  1. Wow, a lot of stuff – so fleeting. Fads, trends – what’s it all really mean in the big picture? Related…

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