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Hey Wonka, I want off!

I apologize, dear readers, for not posting for a while.  My head is swimming, or should I say that my psyche is drowning in a stew of political vitriol. I’m having a severe case of PES (pre-election syndrome). I’m haunted by the notion that everything I must do from here on out is or will soon become a political act, whether the task is grocery shopping, driving, job hunting, etc. There is so only much due diligence I can take. 

Trayvon Martin,  the Sandusky trial,  Bristol Palin, the Bachelorette, Kim and Kanye, SuperPacs, the War on Women, Donald Trump – it’s too much – and no amount of Daily Show or Colbert Report will ease my discomfort.  So please forgive me while a take a mental health break, and get out of this negative web I’ve created for myself.  I hear sunsets are nice this time of year.


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