To the Tune of Rudolph

You know Weinstein and Lauer and Franken and Cosby,
Conyers and Charlie and Westwick and Spacey,
But do you recall, the most famous grabber of all

Donny the Orange Grabber
Carries tic tacs in his suit
Walks in on naked beauties
Who are under a-ged youth

All of the other grabbers
Lost their jobs and live in shame
Donny the Orange Grabber
Gets to keep his title and name

‘Twas in November of ’16
The US came to say
“Donny with your tan so bright, won’t you grab our Bill of Rights?”

And now the people are waiting
For the special com-mit-tee
Donny the Orange Grabber
You’re about to get im-peached!

Happy Holidays!

c2017 Nymphatic Music


Her Name is CON-way

To the tune of ‘My Way’


She spreads

The news that’s bull

And facts are from her boss’ psyche


She goes on to deny

That Russia guides white house decisions


Mouthpiece of Bannon’s lies

Comprised in phony guise of Barbie


She’s the flower

of neo-Nazi power

Her name is CON-way







Sung to the Tune of Old MacDonald

Old Trump Donald’s done us harm


He’s done his harm in one whole week


With a fascist here and Muslim ban there

Bigly Bigly making the world sickly

Old Trump Donald’s done us harm


He doesn’t want the press to speak


his alternative facts and Russian hacks

will tremendously send us into Armegeddon

Old Trump Donald’s done us harm EO E UH-OH!!!

#WARREN YATES 2020!!!!


5 Alternative Titles for ‘The Master’

Ahhh Autumn..That time of year when the studios break out their Oscar-contending films.  I saw my first of the buzz-worthy fare last night – PT Anderson’s The Master, a gripping character study allegedly loosely based on the early days of a very controversial modern religion.  For those of you suffering from comic book movie fatigue, this film will not disappoint.  Stunning performances by Amy Adams,  Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Joaquin Phoenix.  The alternative titles will clue you in to The Master’s tone.


Codependency, Cocktails, and Coercion


Extreme Makeover: Passive Aggression Edition

Now That’s What I Call a Bully Pulpit

Sex, Lies, and NLP

I’m ready for my close up, Mr. Yankovic

Back in my corporate days, I wrote birthday song parodies for my co-workers, which made for a much friendlier, gentler party planning committee than on ‘The Office’.  Here is my latest attempt to strengthen my creative muscle.  My references may be a little dated, as I am a 99%er in the digitial divide.

Tweet on my blog all day (to the tune of “Bang the Drum all Day” by Todd Rundgren)



I don’t wanna work

I just want to tweet on my blog all day

I don’t wanna play

I just want to occupy cyberspace


Ever since the 1990s

Been caught in the web

Adapted early

Just need a keyboard and a mouse

Right and left clicking I don’t need to leave the house


I don’t wanna work

I just want to tweet on my blog all day

I don’t wanna play

I just want to occupy cyberspace


My cpu is always on

If leave my laptop

I get Facebook withdrawl

Touch screens and smart phones are my best friends

Until I’ve found out that the version is in


I don’t wanna work

I just want to tweet on my blog all day

I don’t wanna play

I just want to occupy cyberspace


Check my profile at my job

The boss gives me hassle tells me to stop

That’s okay ‘cuz when I get home

I’ll hack his email and give him a rick roll


I don’t wanna work

I just want to tweet on my blog all day

I don’t wanna play

I just want to occupy cyberspace



Song Parody Lyrics © 2012 Nymphatic Music



“We insist on personal responsibility and we celebrate individual initiative. We’re not entitled to success. We have to earn it. But we also believe in something called citizenship-a word at the very heart of our founding, at the very essence of our democracy; the idea that this country only works when we accept certain obligations to one another, and to future generations.”


62 inspiring words

Hey Wonka, I want off!

I apologize, dear readers, for not posting for a while.  My head is swimming, or should I say that my psyche is drowning in a stew of political vitriol. I’m having a severe case of PES (pre-election syndrome). I’m haunted by the notion that everything I must do from here on out is or will soon become a political act, whether the task is grocery shopping, driving, job hunting, etc. There is so only much due diligence I can take. 

Trayvon Martin,  the Sandusky trial,  Bristol Palin, the Bachelorette, Kim and Kanye, SuperPacs, the War on Women, Donald Trump – it’s too much – and no amount of Daily Show or Colbert Report will ease my discomfort.  So please forgive me while a take a mental health break, and get out of this negative web I’ve created for myself.  I hear sunsets are nice this time of year.