Blah Buster

In the advertising world, TV shows are considered “those things that air between commercials”.  In that vein, I must keep reminding myself that work is what happens between life events.  It’s easy to get caught up in a daily routine, which can leave one feeling productive by American puritanical standards, but personally unfulfilled.  If you are unemployed or underemployed, then stress and frustration are added to the mix.  Wanna shake things up and rejuvenate?  Here are 5 (it’s the 21st century, everything moves faster) quick ideas to break your malaise:

  1. Turn off the tech and grab a writing utensil.  Doodle. Make random lists. Draw a cartoon of yourself.  Free associate in your journal.   Write a fan letter. Write a letter to the editor.  Use snail mail to deliver. Support your local postal worker!
  2. Move your body. Perfect your push up.  Walk around the block. Grab your significant other and Get It On!  The endorphins will kick in and boost your mood and alleviate aches and pains associated with depression.
  3. Read a BOOK – you know, that tangible object with pages and with words.
  4. Train your brain. Try writing with your non-dominant hand.  Practice mirror writing like Leonardo Da Vinci.
  5. Take a 20 minute “power nap” or if you don’t have 20 minutes, meditate or sit quietly in your room for 5 minutes.

The point is to engage in an activity where the focus is on “being in the moment”; a happy distraction, if you will.  You may emerge from your moment with an idea for your job search or a new way to approach a problem.

Try it, you may be pleasantly surprised at the outcome.