My band broke up and all I got was a lousy, bitter feeling in my soul

I used to rock (I didn’t listen to the haters I grew up with!). Rather, I used to be in a phenomenal band called RIB. We worked our asses off. We laughed our asses off. But we couldn’t agree on the business stuff, and we broke up.  A band really is like a family, and sometimes you just need to get away from your relatives.  Most of the crew is still out there gigging. Me?  I’ll get back to music eventually, but for now I am getting mentally and physically strong. I am incredibly psyched for ’12 and have other aspirations that may take me in a whole new direction.  

What I don’t miss:  The jealousies, ego trips, and insecurity that lead to our demise (guilty of all 3!). 

What I miss:

Engaging in the creative process with like-minded individuals

The inside jokes and cheesy pop song riffs for comic relief

Practicing our assess off

Playing 3 shows in 1 night

Playing to 3 people the night of a snowstorm

Our music – I’m extremely proud of the work we did.   I’ll post links/files at a later date.

So, to my RIB family – I think about you all of the time.  And who knows, perhaps the universe may throw us together again and we’ll be wiser, more secure, better musicians, and more successful.  Whether or not we reunite, I wish nothing but the best for each and every one of you.